Lemonade Recipe for Creativity

The Lemonade Recipe for Creativity

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If you are looking to revitalize your creative instinct and come up with fresh new ideas, this book is a must have. Unlike most books on the market that only lecture on creativity, this book has fun, practical creative thinking exercises and challenges to squeeze out those creative ideas.

After indulging in this book, you may walk away with new ideas for your own book, new ideas for new physical inventions or improvements to existing ones. You may also walk away with new ideas for artworks, music soundtracks, businesses, relationships with friends and family etc. The possibilities are virtually endless. The biggest thing you will certainly walk away with is a clearer and deeper connection with your creative self and the tools needed to develop great ideas that you and others can benefit from.

Whats inside What you will gain

Activities and challenges to help fuel your creativity and idea generation skills.

Timeless tips for better documentation and organization of your ideas

Knowledge on how the creative mind works

Increased Creative Capacity and potential for coming up with great ideas

The Lemonade Recipe for Creativity and how it breaks down creative processes.

A deeper connection with your creative self and ingenuity.

Original Design

The book design is also created by me, the author of The Lemonade Recipe for Creativity. The Abstract liquid design is from one of my original paintings and it fits perfectly for the book cover as one of the many activities in this book is to try out new and creative lemonade recipes. I told you this book is not just for you to read but for you to participate in!

The physical book is produced by book manufactures who have years of experience in creating quality material. The book will be available in hardback, paperback and eBook versions.

Ebook Version

Digital copies are great if you enjoy traveling light. This ebook is currently availabe on here and on Amazon. Once you order your ebook, it will be sent to your email!

Ebook - $10

A book for everyone

The activities and lessons introduced in this book has the potential to benefit anyone who participates in it. Since each individual is different, everyone is bound to come up with different ideas!

The creative minds of kids has great influence on our collective understanding of creativity. Therefore in this book, I touch on how to fuel creative thinking within kids and how to give them an environment and atmosphere to release that creativity.

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About the Author

Rayneil Mckinney is a true creative. He is a recognized painter, graphic designer and Entrepreneur. He has painted hundred of beautiful artworks that are displayed across North America and The Bahamas. Additionally he has created countless logos and graphic design works for clients from different parts of the world. Rayneil grew up in the Bahamas but resides and operates in Canada. His passion is in creation and turning his visions to realities. His purpose is to inspire whomever he can reach to be the best versions of themselves and live life with purpose and contribution.

"Everything we have and do is based off of an idea someone else had. Ideas shape the world and I believe it is our birthright to contribute in shaping the world to be a better place. I hope with the help of this book, someone comes up with an idea that revolutionizes their life and the lives of others around them." - Ray

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