About Us

Welcome to Ray's Art Room

Ray's Art Room is a hub for communication and deep thought. This platform consists of a growing catalog of paintings and artworks that create a welcoming atmosphere for individuals to live and connect in. Ray's Art Room was started by our professional resident artist Rayneil Mckinney. 

Rayneil Mckinney

Ray is a professional traditional artist from The Bahamas and the author of The Lemonade Recipe for Creativity. He grew up in a humble home surrounded many siblings. His major passion growing up was competing in sports. He competed in everything from basketball, to track & field and even swimming. For him, sports was where he found most of his enjoyment and developed most of his discipline. 

After enrolling in the Maritime Cadets program in The Bahamas, Ray became inspired to become a Naval Architect. During this time, his curiosity for art peaked. He later went on to attend various universities in Canada which included Thompson Rivers University, The Memorial University of Newfoundland the Marine Institute. During his tenure and these institutions, he completed his program to become a Naval Architect and sharpened his skills as an Artist.

Ray has now about a decade of experience in fine art in addition to years of experience in graphic design and digital art. One of his life long goals is to get his artwork into 100,000 homes before he passes. Ray is a believer of the power of love and positivity in humanity. He seeks to help positively change the lives of others. His art is just one of his many means of doing that. 

 Rays Art Room

We hope you can join us in our mission to leave the world better than we found it by leaving more beautiful artworks in the homes of many. We at Ray's Art Room seek not just to turn our visions to realities, but to also help you turn your visions into realities.