Lemonade Recipe for Creativity E-Book

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If you are looking to rejuvenate your creative genius and squeeze out all those fresh ideas, this book is a must-have. The Lemonade Recipe for Creativity breaks down the creative processes in a simple, relatable system that is easy to grasp and follow. LRC is a practical as well as a theoretical book on creativity and idea generation.
Here's what you will get when reading and participating in this book:

  • Theoretical and practical guidance on becoming more creative
  • Tools and methods to get you out of creative ruts.
  • Guidance on developing creative confidence.
  • Challenges to increasing your creative thinking capacity.
  • An enhanced habit of generating better ideas, faster
  • Short and creative individual and group activities to exercise creative thinking.
  • A deeper connection to your inner creative genius
  • Tools of the trade for better idea organization

Ray Mckinney is a recognized artist, graphic designer, and entrepreneur. He has created thousands of artworks and designs in his lifetime and now he would like to finally give back to the market what he has learned as a creative.